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Integrable metrology

Sensofar’s integrable sensors represent the culmination of more than 14 years of experience in the development of surface metrology systems.

They have been designed right from the outset to be integrated into the harshest manufacturing environments. Compact, lightweight, and with flexible mounting options, the S mart and S onix integrable sensors put high-performance surface metrology right where you need it – in the application.

Robust, rugged
and reliable

Production environments are not always the most friendly – varying conditions, vibrations, aggresive materials, etc., all make measurement tasks considerably more difficult. But our integrable sensors have been designed with exactly this in mind. The sealed sensor head keeps out debris and particles while our optical assembly contains no moving parts – the sensors stay clean and aligned.

Versatile or fast?

Our two in-line sensors have primarily been designed to be compact, robust and easily integrated. The next priority was to align their specific strengths to those performance characteristics that are actually required in a production environment.

The S mart addresses the need for ultimate measurement flexibility in an in-line capable package, and is positioned as the most versatile industrial system on the market.

The S onix addresses the need for outright high speed – and thus high throughput – surface metrology in in-line production and process control, and is positioned as the fastest industrial system available today.


Maximum measurement

The S mart provides the necessary measurement versatility to cope with a diverse range of surface types and topographies. With Sensofar’s 3-in-1 technology – three measurement technologies combined into a single integrable sensor head via a patented microdisplay approach – the system can be easily switched to the most appropiate technique for the task at hand. This versatility provides not only for maximum measurement flexibility on any one surface, but it also means unparalleled adaptability for changing application requirements.

high speed

The S onix provides the speed required in a high-throughput industrial metrology system. With its high-speed camera and optimized optical and mechanical design, S onix is up to 7 times faster than other interferometric systems available today. Vertical resolution has been maintained, where the advantage of high speed brings with it the added bonus of improved resistance against vibration.


Compact, light and
orientation agnostic

Small size and low weight make designing for integration easy. Able to be mounted in any orientation, S mart and S onix integrable sensors can be positioned as the application dictates. Cable lengths can be up to 14m. This makes them perfectly adaptable for both in-line production and robot-mounted sensing applications.


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Get answers to your questions!
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Just write us an email or search for
a direct contact near you.