Outstanding solution for in-line inspection

The Q six has been designed as a comprehensive solution for simplifying and streamlining stent assessment and approval. High-resolution imaging and 3D optical measurement allow for complete surface inspection of the stent structure, reducing errors , quality control costs and inspection time, and making the task of acceptance faster, easier and more reliable.

Assisted concept


The proprietary SensoINSPECT software of the Q six was designed for versatility. A manual mode is designed for flexibility in R&D and Process Development, while an assisted mode is the optimal solution for fast in-line inspection. Dimensional pass/fail data and classified defect information can be gathered in a short time, enabling the operator to make a fast and reliable decision to either accept or reject the stent.

High performance

The Q six is able to simultaneously acquire and analyze images of the outer and inner surfaces as well as the sidewalls of the stent structure at a rate ranging from 5 mm2/s to 20 mm2/s. SensoINSPECT is compliant with 21CFR Part 11 requirements.

Complete surface inspection

Never before seen, high-quality unrolled images of the outer and inner surfaces and also the sidewalls of stents. Quality of edges can also be assessed from these images.

Astonishing high-resolution imaging

High NA optical design, premium
CF60-2 Nikon objectives, a multi-million pixel imaging array and a unique combination of light sources provide extremely sharp views of the complete stent surface with unprecedented real color, resolution and contrast.


Advanced illumination control

The unique combination of three independent light sources (Epi white, Back green and Side white) offers the best illumination settings for each kind of imaging condition. The cold light provided by LED technology does not affect stent materials and coatings. Long LED lifetime reduces maintenance costs for the Q six.

positioning stage

The roller stage is a modular component of the Q six. Individual stents are manually loaded on the roller stage in the inspection position. All motion is motorized under complete software control, including X/Z translation and 360 degree rotation.  The user can navigate through manual control or create a completely automatic recipe to scan the stent surfaces.  Position accuracy of the stage is within 1 micron at any point on the surface of the stent.

Customized mandrels option

Mandrel fixtures are available as a customized solution for positioning stents with low stiffness. These mandrels are based on transparent thin-walled glass tubes. Mandrels do not affect the quality of the images or the results of the dimensional analysis.

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