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Collaborative European projects

Research organizations and leading companies from Europe have joined forces to increase the use of 3D metrology technology in manufacturing. The aim is to help manufacturers unlock the potential of this technology and improve their production processes. By providing necessary tools and resources, European manufacturers can improve their efficiency and reduce waste. With this initiative, they can take advantage of the latest 3D metrology solutions to enhance quality control and ultimately compete better in the global market.

Current projects


Advanced chemistry and methods to obtain environmental-friendly Cr/P-free conversion COatings on METAls

The main goal of this project is to find an environmentally friendly way to improve the performance of surfaces of metals like steel and aluminum alloys, which are widely used in the aerospace as well as more general transportation industries. It will focus on discovering high-performance chemical conversion coating through the optimization of the composition and processing conditions for obtaining the desired coating.


Traceable industrial 3D roughness and dimensional measurement using optical 3D microscopy and optical distance sensors

The overall objective of the project is to enable traceable areal roughness and dimensional measurements using optical 3D microscopy and optical distance sensors, with special emphasis on giving guidance for selection of most suitable instrumentation for a particular purpose.

Tracoptic Sensofar

Finished projects

Industrialising laser functional texturing

SHARK is a collaboration of research organizations, technology providers and end-users coming together to industrialize laser functional texturing. This market leading consortium covers the full value chain for laser surface engineering and has access to global markets.
Within this project, Sensofar provides a wealth of experience in the field of metrology for these new texture techniques which are being developed. With this collaboration, we are raising awareness of the importance of incorporating optical surface metrology into current production processes.

Shark Project
Midemma Project

Midemma zero defects

This project aims at contributing to provide a global solution for the ‘zero defect’ approach in micro-manufacturing, with a focus on the aspects that are specific to micro-manufacturing.

Midemma Project

Digiprint by Oxford Lasers

A European project to develop laser-assisted digital fabrication methods for organic electronics, launched by the EU OLAE+ transnational funding scheme.

Digiprint Project