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Basic training program

Sensofar Medical offers free basic training services for its inspection platforms after installation. The basic training comprises an overview of the platform capabilities and a short introduction to databases creation and sample measurement.

An example inspection routine will be created during the basic training by Sensofar Medical engineers and support will be offered to customer engineers to create a second inspection routine.

Advanced Training Program

The advanced training offered by Sensofar Medical is a 4-day training program, at Sensofar Medical or at customer’s premises, comprising a technical and detailed view of the technology embedded in Sensofar Medical inspection platforms and their use. The topics covered in this program, which are not covered in the basic training, are:


  Error sources in measurements

  CD using unrolled images

  Automatic defect detection

  Surface finish assessment from 2D images

  3D modes

  Sidewalls measurement from unrolled images

  Data management and DB configuration

Custom Training Options

Sensofar Medical offers custom training solutions for operators and supervisors of Q six and Q vix platforms. This training option can be adapted in length and contents based on the customer requirements.