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Sensofar Fringe Projection

Fringe projection is ideal for large area measurements, providing high vertical accuracy and repeatability with low system noise.


Fringe Projection principle

Projects structured light onto a sample from a certain angle and receives the reflected light with a camera. The projected pattern is modified when projected onto a surface and therefore, by correlating the change of fringe pattern to the changes in height, we can obtain 3D images.

Background Fringe Projection


To obtain uniform, focused and equidistant fringe projection onto the sample site, scheimpflug configuration is used together with a bi-telecentric lenses. Sensofar’s fringe projection system is designed to have a constant magnification regardless of the object’s distance or location in the field of view, ideal for metrology purposes.

Fringe Projection optical scheme in S wide configuration
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high vertical accuracy 3D Color PCB


  True single shot acquisition 

  Very large areas with high vertical accuracy and repeatability (σ = 0.01 µm), and system noise down to 0.5 µm

  Real image color

  No Z-scanning

Fringe Projection logo

Fringe Projection system