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Sensofar Events

s mart and s neox cleanroom

Sensofar Event 22: Where Versatility Meets Autonomy

For 21 years, Sensofar has been listening to the clients and market needs, and now, we are proud to announce the launch of S mart 2 and S neox Cleanroom. Two new sensors that extend our sensor heads line. The S mart 2 is a technological disruption in areal metrology, and the S neox Cleanroom is our most powerful sensor, now compatible with ISO Class 1.

Sensofar Event 2024

Sensofar Event 24: Expanding Metrology Domains

At Sensofar, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and this event was no exception. We meticulously prepared an incredible showcase to introduce you to the newest members of our Industry & Research portfolio, the S lynx 2 & the S neox Grand Format, designed to enhance your experience and establish new benchmarks for quality.

Masterclass webinars

webinar masterclass technologies

3D optical metrology techniques, the masterclass

The most popular optical measurement techniques found in most of the systems in the market, enable users to obtain the measurements they need in their surface metrology works.


ISO 25178: surface texture characterization

ISO 25178 is considered one of the main milestones in the characterization of 3D areal surface texture. It is based on the principle that nature is inherently three-dimensional. Thus, it is the first international standard taking into account 3D surfaces.

Markets & Applications webinars


The Art of Measuring Super Smooth Surfaces

Learn about characterizing texture, flatness, and form of polished samples. Plus, gain insights into the fundamentals of surface measurement, discover the best technologies for accurate results, and understand how to calibrate your system effectively. 

Additive Manufacturing Webinar Thumbnail

How 3D Non-contact surface measurement can improve your Additive Manufacturing process

Additive manufacturing produces parts with unique surface textures dependent on the printing technique, material used, and the process parameters. Through case studies, we will show how to measure and analyze as-built to post-processed samples.


Optical metrology solutions for the Semiconductors & Microelectronics industries

This webinar discuss about specific analysis for QC in PCB applications. It will also cover critical dimensional measurement, roughness, and defect identification.

Webinar CCAT

Automated Inspection Training

Together with our CCAT partner, we will explore software capabilities and show how you can quickly extract sample data which enables fast identification of manufacturing defects and immediate generation of reports.

featured image webinar tooling

All you need to know about surface measurements in Tooling

3D optical profilers enable fast, non-invasive and accurate control of the manufacturing process, as well as the prediction of function performance of a wide range of tools.

Optical Metrology Solutions webinar

Optical metrology solutions in the fields of Additive Manufacturing, Tooling and Tribology

A webinar to learn high magnification inspection of critical dimensions as well as surface finishes for additive manufacturing, medical devices, tribology and tooling applications.

featured Image webinar dental implants

Best tips for Dental Implants surface characterization

An intense amount of implant research has been focused on the development of new surface treatments to increase surface roughness, aiming to enhance the biological response and ultimately, the osteointegration.


Why an optical profiler is crucial for Paleontology & Archaeology

How can an optical profiler help to discover the diets of extinct species? These and other questions will be answered during this session.


Tribology, measuring surfaces effectively

Wear, friction, corrosion… We will be discussing parameters that can be measured by Sensofar profilometers to characterize your tribological test.


Quantitative measurement & automated bullet comparison using HR optical 3D surface metrology

3D measurements of bullet surfaces enable quantifiable mathematical comparisons between any two surfaces, which can supplement traditional comparison microscopes or 3D virtual microscopy, which provide qualitative information.

System launch webinar

featured image webinar s wide

Broaden your horizons with the new Sensofar system, S wide

Learn all about Sensofar’s new exceptional 3D Optical Profiler which expands metrology towards a larger field of view for surface roughness measurement.


Follow our upcoming sessions!


Follow our upcoming sessions!

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