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The power of partnership: Sensofar and BRET’s integrable solutions success

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In a game-changing move for the manufacturing industry, Sensofar and BRET companies have teamed up to revolutionize the way sensors are integrated during production. Their cutting-edge integrable solutions are set to transform the way businesses approach quality control and product consistency.

Sensofar, known for its expertise in surface metrology, brings its extensive experience to the table, while BRET, a leader in the field of integration of optical sensors, brings its advanced technology and know-how to the collaboration. Together, they have created AMS650, a PCB 3D Optical profiler.

This exciting development, which includes an S neox sensor head, will enable businesses to make informed decisions during PCB inspections, ensuring that their products meet the highest quality standards. The AMS650 is a product designed by BRET that combines the S neox sensor head with a 650x650mm XY stage, providing an automated solution for PCB inspection.

With the help of the SensoPRO software, the AMS650 automatically analyzes all data and generates a pass/fail report. This technological landmark simplifies the inspection of PCBs during the production process, measuring key features such as pads, vias, traces dimensions and surface finish, and more.

Visit the product website to find out more about this integrable solution

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