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How 3D Non-contact surface measurement can improve your Additive Manufacturing process – video recording

Product Specialist, BSc in Engineering Physics, MSc in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Sensofar Metrology | Other articles

David studied his bachelor’s degree at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), where he started to work as a Research Assistant in the Department of Physics. Once he finished his master’s degree at the University of Barcelona (UB) he entered into the world of optical metrology joining Sensofar. As a Sales Specialist, he communicates Sensofar’s knowledge about optical metrology and trains our customers on how to extract the full potential of our systems. If you need him, he’ll probably be in our demo room measuring samples or performing live demonstrations.

Additive Manufacturing has quickly become an acceptable process within many areas of manufacturing. Complex designs with improved functionality are easily produced using additive methods, replacing traditional subtractive and formative processes. However, these additively manufactured parts present new metrology challenges.

Additive manufacturing produces parts with unique surface textures dependent on the printing technique, material used, and the process parameters. A variety of different technologies are being used to measure these samples- ranging from the traditional contact stylus to advanced X-ray computed tomography.

In this webinar, we will show how specific non-contact 3D optical metrology techniques can provide a complete solution for the characterization of the form and texture of additively manufactured parts. Through case studies, we will show how to measure and analyze as-built to post-processed samples.


   How can additive manufacturing processes benefit from 3D optical metrology?

  Comparison of the most used techniques for surface texture measurement on additive manufacturing parts

  Technology choices

  How to characterize form and surface texture of additive manufacturing parts

  Complete solutions for R&D and Quality Control

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Follow our upcoming sessions!

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