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Tribology, measuring surfaces effectively – video recording

David Páez
Product Specialist, BSc in Engineering Physics, MSc in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Sensofar Metrology

David studied his bachelor’s degree at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), where he started to work as a Research Assistant in the Department of Physics. Once he finished his master’s degree at the University of Barcelona (UB) he entered into the world of optical metrology joining Sensofar. As a Sales Specialist, he communicates Sensofar’s knowledge about optical metrology and trains our customers on how to extract the full potential of our systems. If you need him, he’ll probably be in our demo room measuring samples or performing live demonstrations.

In this webinar you will expand your knowledge in roughness characterization by moving from contact stylus profile Ra analysis to Sa Optical areal analysis.

Wear, friction, corrosion…, we will discuss parameters which can be measured by Sensofar profilometers to characterize your tribological test.

Learn how fast and easy it is to measure the volume of material removed from your samples with a 3-in-1 technology.

Being able to measure wear on surfaces both before and after use is vital to ensure your quality control and quality assurance.


  Advantages of using 3-in-1 profilometric technologies applied to tribological applications

  Measure wear volume in a fast and accurate way

  Benefits of using areal roughness parameters compared to profile analysis

Watch the webinar

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