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3D Optical metrology techniques, the masterclass – video recording

President & CTO, Ph.D. in Physics (Optical Engineering) at Sensofar Metrology | Other articles

Holder of several patents in the field of Optical Surface Metrology.
Technical committee member of the ISO 25178.
Co-founder of Sensofar in 2001.
Roger has been working since 1997 to the present at the Centre for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development (CD6) as optical engineer researcher. From 2005 to the present is part of the TG WG16 committee of the ISO25178 standard which is applied in the field of equipment developed in Sensofar. Currently he holds the position of President and CTO at Sensofar Tech SL.

The optical measurement techniques found in many of today’s market systems, enable users to obtain the measurements they need in their surface metrology works.

The most popular technologies are:Fringe Projection, Confocal, Interferometry and Ai Focus Variation.

We will also tackle thickness technologies such as CSI, Confocal and Spectroscopic Reflectometry.

Guided by our most renowned expert, Ph.D. Roger Artigas, President and CTO of Sensofar Metrology, we will simplify these complex optical techniques for you and provide you with a guide to know when and how to use them.


  Working principles of the main optical techniques for the surface metrology

  Comparison of the most used technologies in the market

  Difference from measuring Thick & Thin films

  List of strengths and weaknesses of each presented technology

  Benefits of combining the 3D optical techniques

  List of strengths and weaknesses of each presented technology

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Fringe Projection, Ai Focus Variation & Confocal

Interferometry & Thickness Measurement

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