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Webinar_video-Best tips for Dental implants surface characterization


Best tips for Dental Implants surface characterization

Surface topography is currently considered one of the most important surface properties with regards to the biological response.

An intense amount of implant research has been focused on the development of new surface treatments to increase surface roughness, aiming to enhance the biological response and ultimately, the osteointegration.

Our experts bring you all they have learned from the multiple surface measurements they have taken on samples from the dental implant field.

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Key Topics:

   How to evaluate the roughness of a dental implant?

   Other topographic evaluations (different surface color, reflectivity, shape, coatings, texture…)

   What to find in a 3D topography that you can not find in a 2D topography?

   The most suitable techniques for Dental implants Research and Quality Control

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