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High-end stages
for a high-end system

Crossed roller bearings for the XY translation stages and an integrated design contribute to the accuracy of the positioning/tracking system. Over the full travel range of 100 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm (XYZ), straightness and flatness are < 0.1 µm (calibrated), and accuracy is maintained at < 0.1 µm. The design and the 3D positioning model help minimize Abbe errors.

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Two key tools to
align your sample

Sample preparation time is reduced to a minimum thanks to the alignment tools integrated into the software and an easy intuitive user interface. Proper sample alignment is the key to accurate results.


Automatic lens centering tool


Computer assisted tip-tilt alignment (manual or motorized)

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Sub-micron lateral resolution

One of the main advantages of optical imaging systems is that these are able to obtain the best lateral resolution (0.3 µm).

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Non-contact profiler

Contact profiler

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