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Sensofar’s participation in the field of Defense & security during 2020

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There have been several actions carried out in the field of Forensics by Sensofar in 2020, being the benchmark in centers such as the School of Criminal Sciences of the Université de Lausanne.

UNIL (Université de Lausanne) placed its trust in Sensofar, by acquiring one of our systems, the S neox Five Axis which, for their research on using 3D surface measurements in the Forensics field lead by Professor Champod, PhD in forensic science. The main application will be toolmark measurements outlined in the scope of Jean-Alexandre Patteet’s thesis but other applications will be firearms identification in the scope of Fabiano Riba (who is a member of the ENFSI steering committee) research and measurements of ink marks on paper, to detect falsifications of documents in the scope of UNIL research. Sensofar is extremely proud of all that our system will contribute to this research group.

On the other side of the globe, we also remain committed and are taking steps to contribute in this field, in this case, with our attendance at a very important forensic meeting in the USA, the 3D Technology Event held at Los Angeles Sheriff Office after the AAFS (American Academy Forensics Sciences) meeting. Sensofar, assisted as a provider of solutions for Toolmarks and Firearms experts and, in the framework of the event, we presented our solutions and held demonstrations.


Another milestone reached in the first semester, was the completion of a course in the University of Alcalá de Henares about X3P and use of 3D in firearms identification. Since its creation, Sensofar has always provided its expertise at the service of those who need it.


In parallel to all these events, our expert in this field, Cristina Cadevall, PhD Optical Engineering, participated as co-author together with Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE), among others, in the article Comparison of three similarity scores for bullet LEA matching that was recently published in Forensic Science International and which explains the recent advances in 3D measurements used for firearms identification.

And in conclusion of Sensofar’s activity in the sector, version 1.0 of our bullet comparison software SensoMATCH which allows the analysis of Fragments has been released.

SensoMATCH, together with the improved version of our analysis software SensoCOMP, where surfaces of different systems can be compared with real measurement visualization (not pixels), offers a very complete and advanced solutions that allows you to work with formats like X3P. With them, we process and analyze the data acquired by our systems and it’s also possible to compare data acquired with other systems that have been exported to x3p file format.

   Coming soon:

Our Defense & Security website page, will include specific materials, real case studies, webinars and small videos with 3D scans of samples made for the sector.

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