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Webinar_video-Optical Metrology Solutions for the Semiconductors & Microelectronics Industries


Optical Metrology Solutions for the Semiconductors & Microelectronics Industries

This webinar discuss about specific analysis for QC in PCB applications. It will also cover critical dimensional measurement, roughness, and defect identification. Presenters Adam Platteis and Alberto Aguerri will show solutions pertaining to ISO 4287, ISO 25178, and how Sensofar’s proprietary software quickly identifies profiles, roughness parameters, and defects for surface texture, height, and traces. The focus will be on imaging wafers, pads, step heights, bonds, and probe cards.

Sensofar solutions can be used in the R&D lab and for in-line QA/QC high-throughput environments for automatic Pass/Fail reporting. Sensofar offers standalone and customizable solutions that integrate confocal, interferometry, and focus variation technologies into a single sensor head for the semiconductor and microelectronic industries.

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