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Bridging metrology and healthcare: Surface characterization of medical devices – video recording

Surface characterization is crucial in assessing medical devices, from osseointegration to device functionalities and potential failures. Watch our webinar recording, where we discover how our metrology solutions meet stringent regulatory requirements through real-world applications, offering reliable R&D and quality control data. Our comprehensive solutions include general-purpose optical profilers and specialized surface inspection equipment for defect detection.
Learn how optical metrology provides invaluable insights to enhance device performance and ensure patient safety.


   Successful case studies of optical characterization for a series of implants, ophthalmic lenses, and intraoperative devices.

  How our systems tackle demanding scenarios with precision – from shifting quality control requirements to the need for sensor integration.

  The advantages of collaborating with a company that understands the unique needs of medical device manufacturers.

  Learn how to transform your quality control processes with our dedicated systems, designed to automate precise visual and dimensional inspection.

  An opportunity to watch a live demonstration of several of our systems in action measuring medical devices.

Watch the webinar

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