Rotational stage

The Five Axis rotational stage consists of a high-precision motorized rotating A axis with 360º of endless rotation, 10 arc sec positioning repeatability, a motorized B axis, -30º to 110º, 0.5 arc sec resolution, with limit switch. It is equipped with a System3R clamping system.

Assorted holders
& collets

Different types of holders are available depending on the sample. For rotational samples, a collet holder (multiple options are available on request) with fifteen collets, and for the others, a flat holder. It also includes a calibration pack composed of a flat mirror and a calibration specimen.


Ring light

The Ring light is based on an LED ring for illuminating samples in a uniform and efficient way. It is mounted above and around the objective. The ring light provides increased signal for both Confocal and Ai Focus Variation techniques. This ensures proper illumination at the focal plane.

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