Automated acquisition

This new feature vastly simplifies the data acquisition process. By placing the sample on the desired position, focusing it and selecting 3D auto function, the SensoSCAN software automatically determines the correct illumination (light) and the appropriate measurement range, and then performs the chosen measurement type. A quality result can thus be obtained within just a few seconds.

Multiple powerful

acquisition settings

Numerous acquisition parameters can be adapted to best suit the intended measurement. For example, various autofocus settings help to reduce the acqui-sition time, multilevel light strategies help improve the illumination of complex 3D structures and selectable Z-scan options also provide an opportunity to optimize the acquisition for varying 3D surfaces. All acquisition parameters can be saved as a template for re-use individually (SMR) or for repetitive measurements (MMR).



analysis tools

3D and 2D interactive views provide multiple scaling, display and render options. A comprehensive suite of tools for preliminary examination and analysis of 3D or 2D measurements is provided. Dimensions, angles, distances, diameters can be measured and features highlighted with new critical dimensions tools. All of these features make the new SensoSCAN an ideal software package for a broad range of analysis tasks. For applications requiring a more complete analysis suite, advanced analysis software packages are optionally available, SensoMAP and SensoPRO.



SensoSCAN is compliant with ISO 25178. A complete selection of ISO 3D areal surface texture parameters is available: height, spatial, hybrid, functional and volumetric parameters.

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