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Webinar – All you need to know about surface measurements in tooling

Webinare und Vorträge

All you need to know about surface measurements in Tooling

The designing and manufacturing of tools directly affects the production quality of the end-user industry and metrology requirements in the tooling market are more challenging every day.

The need to measure thinner tools and smaller cutting edge radius are more common.
Our unique solution, the Five Axis confocal optical profilometer, allows us to measure samples of diameters up to 200μm and cutting edge of 150nm radius.

Our experts will share all their experience gained from the multiple surface measurements they have taken on several tooling samples.

Are you ready to learn more?

Key Topics:

  Tips for the measurement of samples with similar shape (drills, screws, cutting tools…) 

  How to measure and how to analyze? (features like, roughness, wear, shape, CAD

  General advice with real examples to find the best solutions for your day-to-day in the field of
tooling surface measurement

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