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“The outcome of my vascular interventions relies on the quality of the devices I implant to my patients. I feel safer knowing they have been carefully inspected using innovative technology like the Q six.”


Dr. Vincent Riambau, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chief of Vascular Surgery Division
CardioVascular Institute
Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona

Innovation for inspection of Medical devices

Sensofar Medical is a leading-edge technology company within the Sensofar group. We work hard to stay at the forefront of innovation, providing dedicated inspection systems of implantable medical devices and components, including stents and heart valves. Supported by 15 years of previous experience in the field of surface inspection with optical techniques, we aim to become a world reference for those who are committed to improving medical technology.

Sensofar Medical is transforming the inspection of stent-like vascular devices. We offer outstanding solutions for in-line inspection, assisting the operators to make faster and more reliable decisions, minimizing risk and optimizing cost and efficiency. Our inspection systems have been designed as comprehensive solutions for simplifying and streamlining device assessment and approval.

Medical devices for better health care

Medical technology is rapidly evolving. Health care systems are subject to important challenges to develop better and cheaper therapies that positively impact people’s lives. According to the American Heart Association, costs to treat heart failure are expected to more than double by 2030.

In this scenario, better and cheaper medical devices will have to be conceived and developed. But no one can take on the greatest challenges alone. Collaboration and partnerships have been demonstrated to be essential for accelerating the realization of meaningful innovations.

To find out more about where these devices like stents are used and what solutions Sensofar Medical can offer to suit your inspection and measurement needs, just visit our Solutions page.

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