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Optische Metrologie

Novel stent optical inspection system

Optische Metrologie
R&D Engineering Manager, Doktor in Optik, MSc in Photonik at Sensofar Metrology

Carlos beschäftigt sich bei Sensofar seit 2010 mit der Entwicklung von Konfokal-, Interferometrie- und Fokusvariationstechnologien, seit 2018 hat er die Position des R&D Engineering Manager inne. Seine Interessen sind optomechanisches Systemdesign und Bildverarbeitung.
Fundierte Forschungsarbeit im Bereich der optischen Technik verleiht der Sensofar F&E-Gruppe eine herausragende Position, um in Bezug auf Innovation und höchstes technologisches Niveau immer auf dem neuesten Stand zu bleiben.

Novel stent optical inspection system full article
C. Bermudez,1,2 F. Laguarta,1 C. Cadevall,1,2 A. Matilla,2 S. Ibañez,3 and R. Artigas1,2
1 Center for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development (CD6), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Rambla Sant Nebridi, 10, E-08222 Terrassa, Spain.
2 Sensofar Tech SL, (Spain)
3 Sensofar Medical SL, (Spain)
Imaging and Applied Optics 2016,  OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2016), paper AITh2B.3


Stent quality control is a critical process. Coronary stents have to be inspected 100% so no defective stent is implanted into a human body. Skilled operators currently perform the quality process control visually, and every stent could need tens of minutes to be inspected.

In this paper, a novel stent optical inspection system is presented. By the combination of a high numerical aperture microscope, a triple illumination optical system, a rotational stage, and a line-scan camera, unrolled sections of the outer and inner surfaces of the stent are obtained with high resolution at high speed.

We expect with this new approach to make the stent inspection task more objective and to dramatically reduce the time and the overall cost of the stent quality control process.


Carlos Bermudez, Ferran Laguarta, Cristina CadevallAitor Matilla, Sergi Ibañez, and Roger Artigas. Optical stent inspection of surface texture and coating thickness, Proc. SPIE 10110, Photonic Instrumentation Engineering IV, 1011007 (20 February 2017)

Carlos Bermudez, Ferran Laguarta, Cristina Cadevall, Aitor Matilla, Sergi Ibañez and Roger Artigas. Stent optical inspection system calibration and performance, 2017, Applied Optics Vol. 56, Issue 9, pp. D134-D141

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