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Sensofar’s R&D continues to expand its technical knowledge and metrology system capabilities. This is shown by the ongoing commitment to publish our latest research to the scientific and optical metrology communities. Proof is found in the number of technological publications currently available.

Metrology expertise reflected in our technical and scientific publications

The links below lead to multiple surface metrology topics across several industries.
These represent a wide range of specific 3D surface measurement solutions and application of optical technologies in which we have expertise:

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Sensofar R&D is constantly growing its know-how, technology and system capabilities.
These developments are illustrated by Sensofar’s continued commitment within and for the scientific optical metrology community, a proof of this is the number of technological papers that have been developed and published.

Our expertise reflected in technical and scientific publications

A collection of articles dealing with very interesting topics on surface metrology within the framework of several markets and industries.
Includes a wide range of specific 3D surface measurement solutions, or applications of optical technologies in which we are experts:

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