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Sensofar partners with JH Technologies to drive metrology industrial inspection solutions in the US

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JH Technologies to distribute and support Sensofar in 13 US states.

JH Technologies, a leading distributor of optical and digital imaging systems, recently announced a sales, marketing, and service partnership with Sensofar, global manufacturer of the world’s most advanced surface characterization systems.

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This strategic partnership provides high-resolution non-contact 3D surface profilers based on complementary confocal, interferometry, focus variation, and spectroscopy reflectometer techniques. Optical profilers have been developed by Sensofar for measuring smooth to very rough surfaces and can be demonstrated at any of JH Technologies locations. JH Technologies has 4 demonstration centers located in some of the largest technology geographies in the United States including Fremont CA, Irvine CA, Portland OR, and Boston MA.

“Partnering with JH Technologies is a fantastic next step for Sensofar within the US. This new partnership will further promote our brand on both the west and east coasts, across all markets including Microelectronics, Medical Device, Aerospace, and Additive Manufacturing.

Strong partnerships with companies like JH Technologies which are customer focused, provide outstanding consultancy, and are aligned with Sensofar’s strategic vision will undoubtedly strengthen our mutual business and our customer’s success. We are excited to be metrology partners with JH Technologies and look forward to our shared success and progress together!”

said Adam M. Platteis,
USA Sales Manager at Sensofar

“We are excited to add Sensofar to our equipment offerings. Their technology, quality, and innovation are exactly what our customers are asking for.
With our alented staff and a customer base that is perfectly matched to Sensofar products, we expect to double business over the next year and beyond.”

shares John Hubacz,
CEO, JH Technologies

About JH Technologies
JH Technologies is a major national optics and microscopy distributor with 35 years of experience in optical and digital imaging, metrology, metallography, electron microscopy, and hardness testing. JH Technologies continues to expand its reach to include regional offices in Fremont, and Irvine, California, Portland, Oregon, and Boston, Massachusetts. The company serves some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, research organizations, government labs, as well as start-ups, and educators. JH Technologies sales staff consists of engineers and scientists who provide the most appropriate solutions for their customers’ unique problems. The sales staff is supported by an outstanding group of factory-trained applications experts and service engineers.
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