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Sensofar has developed a new lens to measure flatness

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The new 0.65X lens has been entirely developed in-house at Sensofar.

At Sensofar we continue to test our limits in terms of development. This time we are launching a 0.65x Michelson lens, developed internally by our R&D team.
Our equipment, especially the S neox 3D Optical Profiler, really stands out for its continuous evolution and versatility in solving complex applications in the field of surface metrology.
This time around, the challenge was to measure flatness with maximum precision and without having to change equipment… so that’s what we did!

Combining three specific elements, we have achieved optimum performance for flatness, parallelism, and step height characterization.

  Sensofar’s very own design – the 0.65x Michelson

This lens was created precisely for one purpose: to measure flatness in a fast and accurate way. The combination of dense sampling, a large field of view, and the use of interferometry ensures we get the throughput we want.

  A high precision XY stage

A high performance XY stage is a key element when the demands of flatness are extremely high. The stage has non-contact optical linear encoders that directly measure the position right at the platform, and with the greatest accuracy.

  The S neox 3D Optical Profiler

Our flagship system, the S neox, is the most versatile 3D optical system on the market. It outperforms existing optical 3D profiling microscopes in terms of performance, functionality, efficiency, and design.

“We are glad to introduce this new lens; a result of the combined efforts of a multidisciplinary team. Departments for optical and mechanical design to algorithmic optimization worked together to achieve the highest performance specification on a large field of view, while still using a microscopy-based interferometer.”

said Roger Artigas,
President & CTO

Please come and visit the section on this new package on our website.

Further details can be found at: S neox 0.65X leaflet

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