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First public presentation of Sensofar’s new optical metrology system, the S wide

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For the first time since our launch last year, we have been able to publicly present our new S wide, a large area 3D optical metrology system in China at the Laser World of Photonics congress.


Last 2020 this was the first event cancelled at the onset of the COVID pandemic. Now, this same event will be the first we can attend in person after a year of lockdown and restricted travel. In some parts of the world, things are beginning to return to normalAt Sensofar we wanted to celebrate this, in addition to promoting our first large area measurement optical metrology system for large area measurement.

“The Laser Photonics event was a unique and interesting challenge for us. Not only due to the social implications which we find ourselves in during this world-wide pandemic, but also that this is the first event in which our users and potential customers are able to see our new microscope system the S wide face to face. Our ability to present and demonstrate this technology is essential to gauge the market and learning firsthand our customer feedback.


In other news, we are ecstatic to announce that our flagship microscope system the S neox now has a motorized tip-tilt option! Many of our customers and potential future customers were extremely interested to learn about this new feature for the S neox microscope and for them to see it operate in person helps to secure future business. Sensofar continues to listen and respond well to our customer requests for innovation and we are pleased to meet and exceed our customer expectations.”

said Keen Fu,
Sensofar China Sales Manager

We have also substantially improved the performance of the S neox 3D Optical profilometer, adding important upgrades concerning process automation, usability and automation of the system. The system validation package, ensuring compliance with all standards and protocols, has also been improved.

We have achieved the following goals: 

Process automation through our hardware

   Reducing your sample preparation time and allowing automatic leveling with a motorized tip-tilt.

Software usability and automation

  Setting and running multiple measurement recipes to create Quality Control automatic procedures with a new recipes tool.

   Allowing a defined multiple measurement recipe to be applied to an array of samples.

   Providing fully-automated operation, without human interaction, with automatic reference recognition.

Compliance with standards

  Providing a truly reliable instrument for surface characterization in accordance to ISO 25178 standard for the calibration, adjustment and verification processes.

By continuously innovating and actively listening to our clients and users, we continue to be a top benchmark in optical metrology for surface measurement, and continue to build upon the trust placed in our equipment.

To learn more about the systems that we’ll present at the Laser World of Photonics China tradeshow, click on the following images: 

Sensofar Medical partners with Brook Ancooptical metrology solutions by Alberto Aguerri