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The new profilometers for this 2024

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We are glad to present our new profilometers, which are significant advancements in metrology and surface measurement technology unveiled at our landmark online Sensofar Event 24. We introduced two revolutionary products: the S neox Grand Format and the S lynx 2, each designed to set new standards in their respective fields.

The S lynx 2 introduces the next level of metrology system evolution. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the S lynx, it offers enhanced flexibility and efficiency in data collection across a broad spectrum of materials. Equipped with Active Illumination Focus Variation, Confocal, and Interferometry technologies, the S lynx 2 excels in precision and speed for various material types and surfaces. Its innovative stitching capability and compact design make it a versatile addition to any lab or production floor, supported by the adaptable SensoSCAN ML software for customized acquisition interfaces.

S lynx 2 launch

“It’s not just an exceptional 3D Optical profiler; it’s a promise of efficiency, flexibility, and precision to every user, in every environment.” 

says Alberto Aguerri,
VP Sales at Sensofar

The S neox Grand Format marks a groundbreaking development in 3D surface measurement for ultra-large samples. The heart of the S neox Grand Format is the S neox Cleanroom sensor, integrating Sensofar’s four distinct measurement technologies to cater to a variety of application needs. Its advanced design supports unlimited measurement capabilities without sample weight restrictions, achieving rapid movement and acquisition speeds over an expansive 600 x 600-millimeter area. Targeted at high-demand industries, this system is optimized for cleanroom compatibility and electrical safety, boasting ISO Class 1 standards along with SEMI S2 and S8 certifications. Operated via the intuitive SensoSCAN software and seamlessly integrated with SensoPRO for automated analysis, the S neox Grand Format encapsulates a full solution for the characterization of large samples, from hardware to software.

S neox Grand Format launch

These advancements were prominently featured at Sensofar Event 24, proof of our commitment to innovation in optical metrology.
For more information on these transformative products and to experience the presentation, please visit the event page at Sensofar Event 24 .

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