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Presenting a new scientific paper at SPIE Photonics West 24

Metrology, News

At Sensofar, we proudly announce the presentation of a groundbreaking scientific paper developed by our team member, Narcís Vilar. The papers, titled “Topographic imaging of three-dimensional dynamic samples at 67 Hz” will be unveiled at the highly anticipated SPIE Photonics West 24, held in San Francisco.

Topographic imaging of three-dimensional dynamic samples at 67 Hz

Author(s): Narcís Vilar, Roger Artigas, Sensofar-Tech, S.L. (Spain); Martí Duocastella, Univ. de Barcelona (Spain); Guillem Carles Santacana, Sensofar-Tech, S.L. (Spain)

1 February 2024 • 11:50 AM – 12:10 PM PST | Moscone Center, Room 102 (Level 1 South Lobby)

Optical techniques enable the non-contact surface measurement of three-dimensional objects at sub-micrometer resolution. However, they typically require the acquisition of multiple images at different axial positions, a time-consuming task that strongly limits imaging speed. Here, we propose Encoded Search Focal Scan (ESFS), a method able to reconstruct sample height maps from an order-of-magnitude reduced set of images. We demonstrate ESFS measurements over axial ranges exceeding 100 µm at sub-micrometric resolution while using only 8 input images. This leads to striking reconstruction rates of 67 topographies per second, opening the door to the real-time characterization of large and rapidly moving systems.

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