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让新的 Sensofar 系统 S wide 拓宽您的视野 – 会视频

Sales Support Specialist, BSc in Engineering Physics, MSc in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Sensofar Metrology | Other articles

David studied his bachelor’s degree at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), where he started to work as a Research Assistant in the Department of Physics. Once he finished his master’s degree at the University of Barcelona (UB) he entered into the world of optical metrology joining Sensofar. As a Sales Specialist, he communicates Sensofar’s knowledge about optical metrology and trains our customers on how to extract the full potential of our systems. If you need him, he’ll probably be in our demo room measuring samples or performing live demonstrations.

了解有关 Sensofar 新的卓越 3D 光学轮廓仪的所有信息,它将测量学扩展到更大的视场中,适用于进行表面粗糙度测量。S wide 将数字显微镜的优势集成到高分辨率、快速扫描的测量仪器中。


这种新系统提高了常规操作的易用性,单次测量高度可达 40 毫米,且无需 Z 轴扫描


集成 5Mpx 摄像头可实现最佳分辨率的色彩采集

与 3D CAD 模型的形式偏差,可有效集成到日常内部流程中


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