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Optical metrology

Non-contact measurement of aspherical and freeform optics with a new confocal tracking profiler

Optical metrology
研发工程经理,物理学博士 at Sensofar Medical | Other articles

2003 年,Agustí 获得富布赖特奖学金,在加州大学欧文分校从事大型拼合式望远镜的定相研究。
他的研究领域包括光学测量和大型拼合式望远镜的定相。他的研究工作帮助 Sensofar 在创新和最高技术水平方面始终保持领先地位。

Non-contact measurement of aspherical and freeform optics with a new confocal tracking profiler full article
Agustí Pintó1, Ferran Laguarta2, Roger Artigas2, Cristina Cadevall2
1Sensofar-Tech, S.L. (Spain)
2Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Rambla Sant Nebridi, 10, E-08222 Terrassa, Spain

Proceedings Volume 8169, Optical Fabrication, Testing, and Metrology IV; 81690V (2011)
Event: SPIE Optical Systems Design, 2011, Marseille, France


In this paper we introduce a new optical technique for the measurement of aspheric and free-form optics and moulds. This technique, called confocal tracking, consists on tracking the focus on the sample while it is moved along the horizontal XY axes. Unlike all single-point based techniques, confocal tracking images the surface, which makes it possible to determine the best in focus position within every field of view and to correct the residual tracking errors for each measured point.

As a result, confocal tracking provides shape measurements with nm-level accuracy and acquisition speeds of 1 mm/s typically. Depending on sample geometry, high NA objectives can be used, with which it is possible to measure slopes as high as 65°. In addition, because confocal tracking is not a single-point but an imaging technique, it is possible to center the surface to be measured with a very quick procedure that can be automated easily. This step may be particularly relevant for optics with symmetry of revolution.

The confocal tracking profiler is a proprietary technology of UPC and Sensofar and can be considered the optical equivalent of a high-accuracy contact profiler.

Three-dimensional measurements