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Sensofar Asia deployment of actions and activities to bring us closer to you

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Lots of news at Sensofar Asia

It has been seven years since Sensofar began its journey in Asia with Leslie Yu leading the way as founding and managing partner, coordinating the activities of all distributors in Asia.

Today, it has become Sensofar’s most enthusiastic territory, making up a large percentage of the company’s sales. The scale of expansion and growth in the Asian market far exceeds that of the rest of the world’s regions and for this reason, in recent years, great effort and resources have been devoted to providing the required support. Our experts there already have a team of more than 20 people and new commercial offices have been opened in Taiwan, Dongguan, and Shanghai – which further expanded its facilities last year.

So today, we can find Sensofar in:

  CHINA (Shanghai)

Room 102, Building C, No.838 (Showroom)
Room 306, Building B, No.838 (Offices)
Shanghai 200434 (PR CHINA)

  CHINA (Dongguan)

Room 304, unit 1, building 1, No. 17,
Qin yuan Road, Song shan hu high tech Development Zone,
Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,
523429 (PR CHINA)

  TAIWAN (Taipei)

Rm. B2, 35F.,
No. 68, Sec. 5,
Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist.
Taipei City 110 (TAIWAN)

Over the coming weeks, several events will reinforce our commitment to the Asian region. First of all, in early September, we will be attending CIOE China, exhibiting two of our most versatile pieces of equipment, the S neox and the S wide. Lastly, at the end of the month, together with our distributors, we’ll also be able to meet and chat at Semicon Taiwan and at the KPCA Show in South Korea. Other workshops and (private) activities in which demonstrations and presentations of the new products and technologies of our portfolio can be found there too.

As you can see, September is sure to be our busiest month of the year in the Asian region!

s mart and s neox cleanroom