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Webinar – Why an Optical Profiler is crucial for Paleontology & Archaeology Discovery!


Why an Optical Profiler is crucial for Paleontology & Archaeology

How can an optical profiler help to discover the diets of extinct species?
And how did our ancient ancestors use tools in the Stone Age?

These and other questions will be answered during this session, which we will be covering the Sensofar solutions for archaeology, paleontology and related fields of science. Several applications will be presented such as the use of scale-sensitive fractal analysis in microwear studies, showing the advantages of our 3-in-1 technology. We want to show you how we helped make this amazing science easier, faster and more reliable.

Key Topics:

  Advantages of 3D optical profilometry for microwear studies

  Make the most of software solutions for Paleontology & Archaeology specific samples analysis

  Choosing the appropriate technology for your measurements

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Are you visiting us from Europe,

Asia or Middle East?

18 June

10am CET session

David Páez

Are you visiting us

from America?

18 June

6pm CET session

Adam M. Platteis

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