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Sensofar opens Sensofar, LLC in the US

Gruppe, Neuigkeiten

Sensofar-Tech, SL of  Terrassa, Spain, a leading-edge technology manufacturer of non-contact surface metrology systems, has expanded its activities with the opening of Sensofar, LLC, in the USA.

Sensofar, LLC was founded in 2011 to support the North American market for non-contact 3D optical metrology. Managing Director and joint stockholder of the new US venture is Niels Schwarz. Niels has over 20 years of extensive experience in high technology and metrology sales management and has successfully launched products for companies from Europe, Asia and North America. Niels is also CEO and Founder of Technical Solutions International, Inc. (TSI), a high technology sales company with worldwide product introduction and sales experience that joined forces with Sensofar in 2009 in order to penetrate the North American Market.

To support the new company’s North American activities, a demonstration lab has been established in New Jersey, thus ensuring access to Sensofar’s applications know-how. In addition to applications support, this office also handles service support for the region. Sales are handled by twelve partners distributed strategically through out the US.

The US company’s primary focus (and initial success) is in the LED and III-V compound markets, although significant inroads have been established in the forensics, CMP and medical technology markets. Sensofar’s neox technology, with the ability to switch from confocal to interferometric measurement on-the-fly, and to do so without moving parts, has also generated a very high level of interest from OEM’s and system integrators.