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New Appointments at Sensofar Metrology

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At the end of 2017, an important restructuring was carried out at Sensofar Metrology, affecting Prof. Ferran Laguarta, Mr. Marc Canales, Dr. Roger Artigas and Dr. Cristina Cadevall.

Prof. Ferran Laguarta has stepped aside as President and will continue at the helm of Sensofar Medical as its CEO. This change is the first of four significant changes for professionals on our team.

Dr. Roger Artigas has taken over as President and will also continue as R&D Manager. Mr. Marc Canales has taken on the responsibilities of company-wide CEO in addition to his position as General Manager at Sensofar Metrology and Sensofar Medical. Apart from to her position as Software Manager, Dr. Cristina Cadevall has accepted a new position as VP of Software and Board Secretary.

These changes are designed to secure Sensofar’s short and long-term goals as a rapidly growing supplier of cutting-edge 3D optical metrology systems to industry.

Sensofar has come a long way since its beginnings and Prof. Ferran Laguarta has been with us from the start. In 2001 he founded Sensofar with Dr. Roger Artigas following their successful development of optical metrology at the Technical University of Catalonia, UPC’s CD6 Centre for Sensor, Instrument and Systems Development in Barcelona.

So even though he will no longer be the acting President, because of his key role in founding the company together with Roger Artigas, and his continued commitment and hard work at Sensofar, we’re pleased to announce that Prof. Ferran Laguarta has been named the Honorary President of Sensofar Metrology. He will also retain his position on the Board at Sensofar and continue to be involved in current and future projects as well as growth strategies for the Group as a whole.

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