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PLu 2300 Optical Surface profiler, first shown on Laser 2003

Metrology, Neuigkeiten, Produkte

Plµ 2300 is a topography measurement system, on which flexibility can hardly be beaten by any other system. It is now possible to switchbetween standard light microscope, confocal topography profiler and interference microscope using a simple software switch button. This profiler combines all advantages of these techniques without a limitation to the capabilities of one technique.

Significant for the Plµ 2300 measurement head is the new confocal illumination unit, which does not require any moving parts. The measurement head can be adapted to a robot arm or other machines dueto the very compact and solid construction. Thus, it is possible to measure at various kinds of positions, which can not be reached by standard laboratory setups. A personal computer or notebook is used for image processing and control of the Plµ 2300. The advantages of confocal technology on steep slopes and for rough surfaces in combination with the compatibility to interference techniques provide a unique wide spectrum of applications. The size of the measurement field can easily be changed by using objectives adapted to a revolver turret. Larger fields of view are obtained by the fully automated process of extended topography.

Plµ 2300 will be presented to the public on Laser 2003 in Munich for the first time.