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Optical Metrology

Micromeasurements on smooth surfaces with a new confocal optical profiler

Optical Metrology
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Sensofar(2001年)およびSensofar Medical(2012年)の創設メンバー。\nアカデミックキャリア:Barcelona Tech (UPC)、BCNのフォトニクス修士課程の光工学教授、UPC所属のCD6(Center for Technological Innovation)創設メンバーおよび前ダイレクター、カタルーニャ州政府よりTECNIOネットワークのメンバーとして承認。\n150件を超える科学研究の著者。10件の修士論文および博士論文を執筆。3つの国際特許ファミリの発明者。国および欧州の公的機関機関ならびに民間企業の資金援助による50件以上の研究プロジェクトを担当。\nSouthern European Cluster in Photonics Optics (SECPhO)の設立を指揮したほか、14年に渡ってハイテク投資に焦点を当てたベンチャーキャピタル企業を経営した。

Micromeasurements on smooth surfaces with a new confocal optical profiler full article
Ferran Laguarta1, Roger Artigas1, Agustí Pintó1 and I. Al-Khatib1 
1Center for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development (CD6), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Rambla Sant Nebridi, 10, E-08222 Terrassa, Spain.
Proceedings Volume 3520, Three-Dimensional Imaging, Optical Metrology, and Inspection IV; (1998)
Event: Photonics East (ISAM, VVDC, IEMB), 1998, Boston, MA, United States


The surface metrology market toady is moving towards non- contact modular computer-controlled system for measuring and analyzing roughness, contour and topography. In this paper we present a new optical instrument based on the concept of confocal microscopy. In this instrument, which is especially suitable for measurements on smooth surfaces, either a pinhole or a structured light pattern in imaged by a very high numerical aperture optical system on the surface of the sample to be measured. The reflected light is observed with a CCD array and analyzed with different image data processing algorithms. Two different experimental prototypes were developed to allow the measurement not only of surfaces with good accessibility but also of those with intricate geometries, difficult access and small dimensions. Various samples such as high precision optical surfaces, master gratings, and diamond drawing dies were measured. All the results obtained show that the confocal optical profiler is robust enough to provide a surface topography with spatial resolution lower than 1 micrometers and uncertainty about 10 nm. In addition to the replacement of the existing stylus system, there are also important new potential applications for this kind of instrument.

Three-dimensional micromeasurements