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ForthDD Microdisplay-the key component of Sensofar’s innovative profiler

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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is recognized as the world’s leading microdisplay supplier in the high-end display market, but what is less known is that it has successfully produced many high-tech products for innovative and advanced applications in markets that are generally unrelated to microdisplay. The company provides services. Among them is Sensofar-Tech in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

One of Sensofar’s most successful products is the PLu 2300 profiler, which integrates confocal and interferometric technologies into a single measuring head, which is also a unique feature of Sensofar products. The advantage of this dual technology is that it can measure various types by integrating a low magnification interference objective lens (from 2.5X to 50X) and a high magnification confocal objective lens (from 10X to 200X) in a single tool. At the key location of each Sensofar PLu 2300, you will find a microdisplay manufactured by Forth Dimension Displays.

SXGA microdisplay is only a part of the functional technology required by PLu 2300, and the integration of microdisplay technology into application products must be achieved by a company that fully understands its own intellectual property rights and owns microdisplay driver algorithms and measurement.

ForthDD Engineering Manager Calum Dewar said:

The application of Sensofar is very different from any other traditional microdisplay applications. The basic operation of Microdisplay must be fundamentally changed to meet the specifications required by Sensofar. Through close cooperation and listening with Sensofar engineers their requirements, we met Sensofar’s requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner

ForthDD and Sensofar’s next cooperation will be the integration of the upcoming SXGA-3DM product. Dave Vettese, European Sales Manager, said:

When the SXGA-3DM specification consultation meeting was over and the SXGA-3DM product was designed and conceived, I asked a question: Can it be used in Sensofar’s products? Our engineers immediately affirmed Say’can’

After SXGA-3DM is launched in the second half of this year, Sensofar will be one of the first companies to obtain this product. 3DM products will continue to provide accurate measurement and algorithms that specifically meet Sensofar requirements, and will also add a small and simple micro display system without a video interface (a redundant function for Sensofar) with triggers and signals to ensure microdisplay and Sensofar systems Full synchronization. The future of Sensofar and ForthDD will undoubtedly be closely linked, working together to achieve success by providing innovative solutions. By providing SXGA-3DM products, ForthDD will remain a key component supplier of Sensofar products.