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A heartfelt thank you to all participants of the memorable GDM24

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After a long wait of four years, we finally reconvened in person for this year’s edition of our much-anticipated General Distributors Meeting 2024 (GDM24). We organize this event periodically to connect our entire global sales network and to unite forces and knowledge about our brand and solutions.

The break caused by the global pandemic and its cascading effects only heightened our appreciation for the invaluable face-to-face interactions we’ve sorely missed.

This year’s event was truly global, with attendees hailing from 18 different nationalities, each bringing their unique perspectives and insights. This diversity enriched our discussions and fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas that transcended borders.

We also had the opportunity to visit Casa Batlló, one of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces, and we all really enjoyed it. This experience not only connected us with the region’s rich heritage but also inspired conversations on innovation, design, and creativity.

The event was filled with moments of joy, learning, and meaningful connections. The exchange of ideas was not only interesting but immensely valuable, making every moment spent together truly worthwhile. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all who attended for your enthusiasm and insights and for making this event memorable.

We eagerly anticipate our next gathering and the chance to build upon the strong foundations laid during this remarkable event.

Watch our event highlights and see the unforgettable moments we experienced together!

New profilometers S lynx 2 & S neox Grand Format