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Optical metrology solutions in the fields of Additive Manufacturing, Tooling and Tribology – video recording

美国销售经理 at Sensofar | Other articles

Adam M. Platteis 毕业于约克学院,于 2018 年加入 Sensofar,担任公司的美国销售经理。在加入 Sensofar Metrology 之前,Platteis 在卡尔蔡司显微镜公司工作了 10 年,负责为半导体、微电子和其他工业市场提供解决方案。

A webinar to learn high magnification inspection of critical dimensions as well as surface finishes for additive manufacturing, medical devices, tribology, and tooling applications.

We will explore the technology used for surface roughness measurements, and dimensional measurements and also present solutions for key applications in aerospace and advanced manufacturing using optical metrology.


  Technology decision

  How to characterize form and surface texture

  Real cases in Additive Manufacturing, Tooling and Tribology

Watch the webinar

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