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Elevate the productivity of your quality processes with the S wide

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We are proud to introduce an enhanced version of the S wide optical profiler. This remarkable system, designed for lightning-fast large-area measurements, now offers new functionalities to boost your characterization processes.

Since its initial launch in 2020, the S wide has evolved, incorporating significant innovations that result from our gathered expertise. What sets this upgrade apart is the seamless integration of SensoVIEW and SensoPRO‘s latest software versions. Together with the S wide, these software solutions offer complete automation for a wide variety of characterization processes.

Key highlights of the S wide experience include:

  • Perfect compatibility with large setups: Discover how the S wide can help you measure your oversized components or large volumes of samples. The key relies on its wide field of view (FOV), super-quick data capture, flexible setups, and built-in automation tools.
  • Latest technological advancements: Find new features such as new measuring algorithms and a digital zoom function.
  • Enhanced measurement possibilities: Explore the various measurements the S wide can perform, including roughness, flatness, critical dimensions, GD&T, and CAD comparisons.
  • Wider range of applications: Get a glimpse of examples across the most common applications, such as PCBs, molding, batteries, displays, automotive components, and medical implants.

We have streamlined all this information in a new brochure to offer a straightforward understanding of the S wide’s capabilities and renewed the website content. Have a look here!

Download S wide brochure

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