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Encoded Search Focal Scan (ESFS) Sensofar’s new era in fast and accurate 3D imaging

Metrology, ニュース

Sensofar is thrilled to announce a revolutionary patent that is set to redefine the landscape of optical measurements. The invention is the result of the collaborative efforts of Sensofar scientists Narcís Vilar, Roger Artigas, and Guillem Carles, and it will be officially introduced at the upcoming Optical Imaging Congress and later at the Photonics West in San Francisco.

The cutting-edge development, known as Encoded Search Focal Scan (ESFS), brings a seismic shift to the traditional optical techniques used for non-contact surface measurements of three-dimensional objects at sub-micrometer resolution. What sets ESFS apart is its ability to reconstruct height maps from drastically smaller input image datasets. This leap in technology significantly accelerates the image acquisition process and makes it possible to measure even rapidly moving samples.


ESFS can deliver surface height measurements over a span of more than 100 micrometers, maintaining a sub-micrometer precision. Impressively, it accomplishes this with a mere 8 input images, reaching an extraordinary speed of up to 67 topographies per second.

This unprecedented speed and efficiency, coupled with high resolution, allow for first-time-ever characterization of large, fast-moving systems. This breakthrough offers exciting new horizons for various industries, promising to propel optical metrology into a new era of speed and precision.

Paper SPIE 23