S neox Non-contact 3D Surface Profiler

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Save time, make it easy for yourself

SensoSCAN software drives the S neox with its clear and intuitive user-friendly interface. The user is guided through the 3D world, delivering a unique user experience. SensoSCAN software provides an interface with which any measurement can easily be taken, as well as a basic set of tools for displaying and analyzing data.

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Automating the procedure

Automated measurements are obtained using the Recipes tool, an easily customizable tool for creating quality control procedures. It is ideal for online inspection as it is extremely easy to define procedures for automating measurements with the profile manager tool, such as sample identification, data exportation and ‘pass or fail’ criteria.

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Everything is fast – really fast

Thanks to our dedicated algorithms, the S neox allows results to be acquired in less than a minute after the sample has been positioned. Naturally, any data acquisition is still made following our obsession for the best quality and performance.

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Powerful analysis software SensoPRO

It has never been so easy and fast to perform quality control in a production line. Thanks to SensoPRO, the operator in the production line only needs to load the sample and follow guided instructions. Plug-in-based data analysis algorithms provide a high degree of flexibility. Current capabilities include PSS module (Conic, Mesa and Merging LEDs), Bump, Hole, Double Hole, Surface Texture, Step Height, Double Step Height, Trace, Trenche and Silver Trenche. New modules can be easily customized to other industry needs.

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SensoPRO Plugins

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Advance reporting software SensoMAP

SensoMAP, based on Mountains technology from Digital Surf, is a extremely powerful tool for analysis and reporting. SensoMAP software is completely modularly adaptable to customer requirements. Two levels (standard and premium) and several modules (2D, 3D or 4D modules, Advanced Contour, Grains & Particles, Statistics and Stitching) are available.

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SensoMAP modules

Advanced 2D surface texture Studies, parameters and filters for advanced 2D profile analysis
Advanced 3D surface texture Studies, parameters and filters for advanced 3D surface analysis
Contour Fast geometric dimensioning of component contours
Advanced contour Comprehensive form deviation analysis with tolerancing
Grains and particles Study isolated surface features
Colocalization Combine surface data obtained by imaging and metrology instruments of different types
4D series Visualize and analyze surface evolution
Statistics Automated statistical analysis of static and dynamic measurement data populations
3D Fourier Use advanced FFT-based tools to analyze process-surface interactions and denoise surfaces
2D automotive Assess functional performance with parameters developed by the automotive industry
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