S neox Non-contact 3D Surface Profiler

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From nanoworld to your eyes

A complete 3D scan is taken in less than 10 seconds. For high-speed applications and extremely low reflective surfaces, the camera is binned at 2×2, making it possible to acquire an incredible full 3D scan in less than 3 seconds.

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Optical Resolution

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0.0 1

Vertical Resolution

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3 º

Maximum Slope

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1 X

Speed Factor

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Multispectral wavelength LEDs


Focused on optimizing the light source for each application, S neox has four LED light sources inside its optical core: red (630 nm), green (530 nm), blue (460 nm) and white.

A shorter wavelength is used on those applications where the highest lateral resolution is required. Longer wavelengths provide greater optical coherence, up to 20 µm, making Phase Shifting Interferometry possible on large area smooth surfaces.

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The highest
quality objectives,
the highest
quality performance

The S neox uses premium CF60-2 Nikon objectives lenses that have been designed to correct for chromatic aberrations and to produce sharp, flat and clear images with high contrast and high resolution.

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Sample size is important for us

The S neox is a complete tool. Its compact design is ideal for obtaining a fast, non-invasive assessment of the micro- and nanogeometry of technical surfaces in multiple configurations.

S / M 150mm
L / X 300mm
XXL 700mm
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