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Webinar – Optical Metrology Techniques, the MasterClass II

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Optical Metrology Techniques, the MasterClass II

The optical measurement techniques found in many of today’s market systems, enable users to obtain the measurements they need in their surface metrology works.
As a complement to our first MasterClass, in this second webinar we will tackle Interferometry (CSI & PSI), and thickness technologies such as CSI, Confocal and Spectroscopic Reflectometry.

Guided by our most renowned expert, Ph.D. Roger Artigas, President and CTO of Sensofar Metrology, we will simplify these complex optical techniques for you and provide you with a guide to know when and how to use them.

Key Topics:

  Working principles of the main interferometric techniques: PSI & CSI

  Difference from measuring Thick & Thin films

  List of strengths and weaknesses of each presented technology

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