S lynx Compact 3D Surface Profiler

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The S lynx design is incredibly compact, with integrated sensor head and controller that results in a small footprint. This makes for a robust, reliable and versatile system that is easy to install. Vibration isolation pads give the system high stability – in most cases no vibration isolation table is needed.

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Large range of objectives

The S lynx uses premium CF60-2 Nikon objectives that exhibit the largest working distance for each NA. Over 30 objectives are available. Combined with an encoded nosepiece that recognizes a change of objective and switches software automatically

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Sensofar has developed a 4-position column that allows up to 150 mm of height adjustment. Flexible options are designed to avoid restriction between samples with differing heights.

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The S lynx positioning is composed of a motorized Z stage with 40 mm of travel range and high position accuracy, and a manual XY stage with 150 mm x 100 mm of travel range. A tip-tilt goniometer, resulting in a point of rotation that remains in focus, completes the movement system.

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