PLu apex 3D Optical Tracking Profiler

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Designed for intuitive and easy operation

SensoTRACK software provides a unique user-friendly interface that has been designed to simplify sample measurement. A suite of tools is also provided for displaying and analyzing the data. The software also assists the user when aligning the sample for measurement, thus speeding up acquisition and minimizing human error. A powerful analysis module provides form assessment with respect to a design file or a reference form.

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Versatile analysis module

Provides best-fit parameter estimate or a nominal fit to design data, allowing a direct comparison with the intended design. SensoTRACK can define up to 20 aspherical coefficients and permits enabling/disabling of coefficients and parameters as needed.

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Revolutionary freeform fitting

A 10th order polynomial on a conic base surface can be defined.

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Large variety of filters fitting with your needs

Other features available are a set of filters, lens slope assessment or roughness parameters
computation following the ISO standard.









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